Androgenetic alopecia in men male baldness

Finasteride has been extensively studied for the treatment of male baldness. All studies have shown that is a safe and efficient solution to treat male baldness, supporting its status as a first line treatment. The response to it varies with some men achieving cosmetically significant hair regrowth, while others notice a slowing of the hair loss. It is a long-term treatment and commitment to it is essential to maintain the results of therapy.

It works by reducing the conversion of testosterone to a more potent form (DHT), which has detrimental effect on hair causing shrinking of its root. It lowers the levels of DHT by more than 60% and it doesn’t interfere with testosterone action. Studies show that after 1 year of continuous treatment there is a significant increase of hair density on the vertex. Its efficacy isn’t limited to the crown and also improves hair density on frontal/temporal scalp. Effectiveness is higher in patients younger than 40 years old.

If you decide to start this medication, you should allow it at least 1 year until assessing the results. Lack of results in the first months is frequently the cause of discontinuation. However, it needs more time to kick in and you should allow it enough time. Is available only on prescription from a doctor and it isn’t available on NHS.

Before taking it, you should consider discussing with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any contraindication to it. Also, if you are older than 45 years old, the doctor might order a blood test to check for prostate conditions. Possible side effects include erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, but these are extremely rare, affecting as little as 1.5% of patients following this treatment. Side effects tend to be reversible once treatment is discontinued.

This treatment is the first line agent to treat male baldness. It helps preventing further loss but also stimulates hair regrowth. High percent of men undergoing this therapy are happy with results and side effects are uncommon especially in younger patients. Our doctor can assist you in choosing the best treatment for your hair loss and answer to all your questions related to male baldness and current therapeutic options.